[Pdns-users] Slaves do not return RRSIGs when DO flag is set

Julian K. jk+powerdns at digineo.de
Tue Aug 5 15:52:05 UTC 2014

Dead pdns users,

I am running a powerdns master with bind backend and a bind-dnssec-db.
Two superslaves receive their zones from the master using zone transfer.

After securing a zone and incrementing the serial, the master returns 
RRSIG records if the DO flag is set, but the slaves do not:

|`dig @ns1.digineo.de ssl-tools.net +dnssec`| DOES return the RRSIG 
entry (live sigining master)
|`d||ig @ns2.digineo.de ssl-tools.net +dnssec`| does NOT return the 
RRSIG entry (slave)

You can also check the results at http://dnsviz.net/d/ssl-tools.net/dnssec/

If I check the zone files on the slave servers, then RRSIG entries are 

If I send notifications to the slaves, then it produces the following logs:
Aug  5 17:11:08 h1988784 pdns[12055]: 1 slave domain needs checking, 0 
queued for AXFR
Aug  5 17:11:08 h1988784 pdns[12055]: Received serial number updates for 
1 zones, had 0 timeouts
Aug  5 17:11:08 h1988784 pdns[12055]: Domain 'ssl-tools.net' is fresh 
(not presigned, no RRSIG check)

Does anynone know what is wrong with my setup?

I use pdns-server 3.3 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Kind Regards
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