[Pdns-users] Different RRSIG's on master and slaves

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>> On both the master and slave servers "pdnssec show-zone" shows that
>> the zone is not pre-signed.
> CMIIW, but if replication is done via AXFR, zone MUST be set to pre-signed 
> on all slaves, otherwise they will start signing it on their own, using 
> self-generated key material.

This is mostly correct. These days, PowerDNS sets the pre signed flag automatically when needed. Also, PowerDNS will never automatically sign - only if the admin adds keys, usually through 'pdnssec secure-zone'.

> You can only have the zone non-presigned on multiple servers if replication
> is provided within the dnssec-capable backend, because the cryptokeys-table
> MUST be replicated to all live-signing servers. And AXFR can't do that.


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