[Pdns-users] Autodiscover SRV Record splitting hairs :)

Norman ng11 at tradelink-admin.com
Thu Oct 31 18:34:38 UTC 2013

Hi List,

I have zones that get transferred from a bind server to a Powerdns
Mysql back-end on a second server. All records transfer just
fine...except for the Autodiscover SRV record. The record itself
registers correctly:
_autodiscover._tcp.testing29.com  SRV  0 443
autodiscovery.testing29.com  14400  0

but...Powerdns splits the SRV record and produces an extra record/row
in the database, with only the id, domain id, name and type filled in:
_tcp.test1.testing29.com  A  NULL NULL NULL NULL

Is there a remedy for this? If not, what would be a cron-compatible
Mysql command to delete those unwanted records from the database as
the Mysql root user?



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