[Pdns-users] 4 nodes authoritative installation

Ciro Iriarte cyruspy at gmail.com
Thu May 30 04:49:59 UTC 2013

Hi!, thanks for the suggestion, I have a lot of experience with Oracle
standalone/RAC installations, but would like to avoid it for this


2013/5/29 a b <tripivceta at hotmail.com>:
>> Good afternoon, I'm planning to implement 4 node authoritative servers
>> working in tandem, using mysql circular replication won't be nice
>> because if one node fails the replication is broken.
>> Though about having a 5th "management server" with mysql running as
>> master for the other 4, this can be a tiny virtual machine which will
>> be protected by the virtualization farm.
>> Another idea would be to work with pairs, each pair in a multimaster
>> mysql replication setup, running application level replication between
>> pairs
>> Any comments?
> If you want a highly  available  DNS  setup,  I  would  cordially
> recommend  that  instead  of  MySQL,  you  configure  Oracle  RAC
> (preferrably, but not necessarily with ASM) and use the  "oracle"
> pdns back-end.
> This will give you synchronous  multimaster  replication  between
> the database nodes.
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Ciro Iriarte

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