[Pdns-users] Wildcard record based on type

John Miller johnmill at brandeis.edu
Tue May 14 20:36:59 UTC 2013

Forgot to cc the list on my response :-(


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Subject: Re: [Pdns-users] Wildcard record based on type
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 16:36:03 -0400
From: John Miller <johnmill at brandeis.edu>
To: Fernando Morgenstern <fernandomorgenstern.fm at gmail.com>

I don't think there's a built-in way to keep your wildcard in place, but
also have individual TXT records for each label/subdomain.  Doing that
definitely is contrary to standard RFC behavior, so you'd have to
frontend your MySQL backend with something else--the pipe backend for
example--if you wanted PowerDNS to behave like that.  In other words,
you'd do something like


You could also modify the default gmysql queries
(basic-query,id-query,any-query, etc.) to use the wildcard if it exists.

Other than for ease of management, is there a reason you can't create A
records as well?  Without knowing your workflow, seems like if you're
generating TXT records automatically, the A records would be equally
easy to generate automatically, especially if they're all pointing to
the same IP.

As far as PowerDNS not "seeing" the new subdomains, double-check your
caching layer (packet cache, regular cache, and recursive NS if it's
part of the chain).  It's quite possible that a negative answer is
getting cached and doesn't get flushed until after a certain interval.


On 05/14/2013 04:11 PM, Fernando Morgenstern wrote:
> Hi John,
> I have a service that creates one subdomain for each account. Example:
> account1.domain.com <http://account1.domain.com>
> account2.domain.com <http://account2.domain.com>
> I have to create an A record for each subdomain. This is easy since i'm
> using the mysql backend.
> The issue is that sometimes Powerdns won't "see" the new subdomains. I'm
> not able to reproduce this issue easily, but even with the subdomain
> created, it takes a while for Powerdns to serve that record properly. In
> other words, i see it in the database, but a simple dig directly to
> Powerdns won't return it.
> A solution that I found was to use a wildcard record. It works perfectly
> since all subdomains point to the same IP.
> Now i also have to create TXT records ( which varies between accounts )
> for each subdomain so the wildcard for A records stopped working and i'm
> not sure about how to deal or fix this.

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