[Pdns-users] Unattended ubuntu installation

Andres Riancho andres.riancho at gmail.com
Thu May 2 23:07:43 UTC 2013


    I'm trying to install `pdns-backend-mysql` using Fabric in an
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Everything goes well until dbconfig-common [0]
starts and then Fabric simply looses control of the remote process.

    I've been experimenting with the following:

echo 'pdns-backend-mysql pdns-backend-mysql/dbconfig-install boolean
false' | sudo debconf-set-selections

    And also setting other variables which can be found using
`debconf-get-selections | grep pdns` but I haven't been able to
achieve anything that works.

    So, the question is... someone was able to do an unattended
install of `pdns-backend-mysql` in Ubuntu?

[0] http://people.debian.org/~seanius/policy/dbconfig-common.html/

Andrés Riancho
Project Leader at w3af - http://w3af.org/
Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
Twitter: @w3af
GPG: 0x93C344F3

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