[Pdns-users] Rate limiting IPs or another protection against abuses

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Mon Jun 3 21:25:08 UTC 2013

On Jun 3, 2013, at 9:08 PM, Fernando Morgenstern wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an issue where several IPs are making thousands of MBOXFW requests.
> This overloads our Mysql backend and crashes our server.
> I tried to block them manually in our firewall, but there are lots of different IPs.
> Does Powerdns offers a way to rate limit IPs? Or is there another solution to this issue?

Hi Fernando,

Right now, we have no internal rate limiting options. For now, that means we recommend using (for example) iptables --limit.

We expect this situation to change soon!


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