[Pdns-users] Manual AXFR command?

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Sat Jun 29 19:48:03 UTC 2013


my PowerDNS server had a problem last time it should start an AXFR to 
the secondary server. According to the logs, the MySQL server had "gone 
away". Since PowerDNS wasn't smart enough to repeat this critical action 
later, I had to restart it. But still, it's not smart enough to update 
the domain with the secondary, so it's not functional at the moment. I'd 
need to do another change to the zone data to have it pushed again. But 
that can't be the solution. This has happened too often in the past.

Isn't there some command to push all changes over to the secondary? Or 
single domains?

Or better, couldn't PDNS retry pushing changes in case of errors?

Yves Goergen

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