[Pdns-users] varios questions on how a DNS resolver would react.

Alex Flex aflexzor at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 03:50:42 UTC 2013

Greetings PDNS,

Iam planning on a DNS environment composed of several servers with PDNS. 
But have some specific scenarios I would like somebody to advise on how 
client resolvers out there would most likely react.

a.)  Suppose I have  a domain name example.org it is hosted under the 
nameservers: ns1.dns.com and ns2.dns.com. Suddenly ns1.dns.com starts 
lagging severly (not down) / or is completely down. How well do 
resolvers coop with this? Do they query both at the same time , or 
randomly choose and wait ? If so how much would they wait usually?

b.) Same scenario as above but this time ns2.dns.com is misconfigured or 
the zone for example.org is erased giving a non existing domain or 
another possible error along that line. Would resolvers try to query the 
second nameserver and try?

Thanks for the help.


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