[Pdns-users] unwanted SERVFAIL with bind backend

Matthias Leopold matthias at aic.at
Wed Jul 3 08:50:07 UTC 2013

Am 2013-06-28 17:28, schrieb Peter van Dijk:
> Hello Michael,
> On Jun 28, 2013, at 17:02 , Matthias Leopold wrote:
>> these are the requirements for the process of a zone deletion by nic.at
>> https://www.nic.at/ui/index.php/zonedel/pagezonedelintro/?lang=en-iso-8859-15
>> they only talk about REFUSED and NXDOMAIN. in the past i experienced that SERVFAIL indeed doesn't pass their check, so my intended administrative zone deletion requests at nic.at didn't succed. when i asked about NOERROR (which i could produce using "send-root-referral") they pointed me to the above
> I see, indeed.
> Those requirements are weird. NXDOMAIN is -not- a correct response for "domain not known here", and REFUSED is not the only valid way to say "domain is not known here".
> I would suggest taking this up with nic.at, if you can. If you have trouble getting through to the right people there, please let me know.
> Kind regards,

i now talked to nic.at. they told me that they accept 'NOERROR' as a 
valid answer and already modified their documentation. since i can 
produce 'NOERROR' using 'send-root-referral' with 2.9.22 this should 
solve my problem.

thx for help to all of you

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