[Pdns-users] Number of queries per domain.

Mohamed Brahimi mohamed.brahimi.ma at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 13:38:34 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I've installed PowerDNS with webserver enabled.

Could you tell me where these information are saved? (Database, log, ...)
I need these information to be kept for later consulting.
Every time when I restart pdns, these counters resets to "0" zero.
I want to keep track of the number or all UDP/TCP queries per domain even
after restarting pdns.

Extract from webserver:
UDP Queries Received
Showing: Top 10 of 4 <> Resize:
100 <>
1000 <> (10000)
in-addr.arpa/SOA1725.0% ramadan.com/SOA1725.0%

test1.com/SOA1725.0% *Total:**68**


I know that mrtg command gives me the total of all UPD queries, but I want
to have it per domain.
There might be a way which I don't know using mrtg command line.

Or do you know any other way to calculate the number of queries per domain
and keep it even after restarting pdns?

I thank you all in advance.

Kindest regards,
Mohamed Brahimi
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