[Pdns-users] Managing pdns-recursors forward.zones file

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at pc-h.de
Thu Jan 3 19:21:31 UTC 2013

Hi list,

currently my team mates and I use a script to build a (currently) 423 
lines long forward.zones file.

Every time we need to touch it we have fear to break things really fast.

So I'm thinking about two solutions:
- I could add functionality to my employers new ip address and dns 
management tool to manage forward.zone files.
- I could regular download the root-zone file, strip dnssec from it, 
append information for the 423 forward.zones and load it into our 
pdns-authoritative servers and shorten the forward.zones to

Has anyone already tried the second method? Do you think that could work?

Thanks in advance


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