[Pdns-users] GUI survey

a b tripivceta at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 6 19:19:33 UTC 2013

> What are folks using?  What databases are you running on the backend?

Oracle 10g ( and 11g (

> Any particular things you do/don't like about your choice?

pdns zone2sql tools do not really support the "oracle" backend properly; manual crafting of SQL code is required to import the zone data.

Support for Oracle in PDNS is minimal, and takes girations and help from the mailing list to get things to work.

Once we get the backup solution in place, we plan on writing our own front-end as part of a larger application. It will be in PHP.

> If I could find something to do the following, I'd be grinning like PowerDNSTango's Cheshire Cat:

> Login via SSO and/or AD/LDAPGroup assignment via AD/LDAP
> Auto-update PTR recordsDNSSEC support
> Relatively quick loading
> AJAXy sort and search capability
> Change logging
> Integrity checking for all record types
> Skinnable interface
> Domain/zone Templates "Create subdomain" ability
> Role-based accessseparation of gui database from main PowerDNS database
> supports multiple PowerDNS databases and/or views, multiple SQL users
> auto-increment serial numbers
> some form of revision control/rollbackremote API (REST, XML-RPC, SOAP, etc.)
> basic server monitoring and statistics
> allows non-RFC TLDs for internal DNS
> visual separation of forward and reverse zones for ease of editing (when you have 10 forward and 200 reverse zones, separation is a good thing)
> native, master, and slave support

Assume such a piece of software exists. Also assume that when you buy it, you get the complete source code with it.

What do you believe would be fair to sell such a piece of software for?
How would you license it (per CPU; per seat; per number of hosts in the zone(s))?
How much do you believe would be fair to charge for yearly support for such software? 		 	   		  

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