[Pdns-users] using recursor 3.5rc2 with rfc1918 ipdaddresses

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at pc-h.de
Fri Feb 15 10:21:19 UTC 2013


I understand that pdns_recursor was written with the assumption that it 
will be used mainly in a ISP/Hoster Enviroment where only non rfc1918 
Addresses are queried and queries to rfc1918 reverse zones are just 

But because pdns_recursor is so much faster as bind and one gets not an 
update of the binaries every 2 weeks, I'd like to use it in an typical 
company internal environment with rfc1918 addresses.

What I found out is that one has to do the following unintuitive 


I know that changing these variable names will break every existing 
configuration but maybe you could add aliases and detect if a 
configuration uses an alias and original variable and only stop then.

I'd suggest serve-rfc1918 to be aliased as serve-rfc1918-default and the 
help text could read "Serves RFC1918 reverse zones with NXDOMAINs. 
Lowers the load on the root nameservers."

For dont-query I think that there should be at least a "defaults to 
192...." in pdns_recursor --help.

I didn't find the button "create account here" in trac, so I can only 
send you this enhancement request by eMail.

Best regards Thomas

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