[Pdns-users] again: pdns 3.1-4 (debian wheezy): zone2sql does not remove trailing '.'

Frank van den Diepstraten frank.van.den.diepstraten at telfortglasvezel.nl
Thu Aug 15 05:57:48 UTC 2013

Nobody got a answer on my question below? Is it stat stupid or that difficult :)

Hi all,

I upgraded my debian system to wheezy with pdns-server 3.1-4 (came from 2.9.22-8 which was the latest squeeze version). Everything  looked fine, but when I started using the zone2sql script I saw the following problem:

This is the SOA record from one of the domains in the server running version 3.1-4:

4640410 |         2 | x.x.x.in-addr.arpa | SOA  | ns1.domain.tld postmaster.domain.tld 2013060405 28800 7200 604800 86400  | 3600 |    0 |        NULL

Now when I use a script to write the zone to a file I have this output:

@               IN      SOA     ns1.domain.tld. postmaster.domain.tld. (
                2013060406 ; serial
                     28800 ; refresh
                      7200 ; retry
                    604800 ; expire
                     86400); minimum

As you can see there are now trailing '.' Behind the domain and postmaster mailadres. As far as i now this is the normal behaviour. Now when I use zone2sql to make the file/zone back in to the database this happens:

root at ns1:/tmp# zone2sql --gmysql --zone=/tmp/domain.1 --zone-name=domain.tld
insert into records (domain_id, name,type,content,ttl,prio) select id ,'domain.tld', 'SOA', 'ns1.domain.tld. postmaster.domain.tld. 2013010901 28800 7200 604800 86400', 3600, 0 from domains where name='domain.tld';

When I manually remove the trailing dots out of the database the zone2sql script put the domainname instead, so thats not solving the problem (this is what the it looks like when I remove the dots:

ns1.domain.tld.domain.tld. postmaster.domain.tld.domain.tld.)

As you can see the trailing dots are not being stripped by zone2sql which always was the case in the earlier versions. Is this a bug or is there somthing else I missed?



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