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Forgot to send to the list...

Just a suggesting, but if you're using mysql, you might want to look into mysql replication.

I use it on my servers instead of master/slave functionality and it works a treat. You also get the added benefit of instant updates.

I'd give it a go!

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I have three PDNS 3.1 servers running on CentOS 6 with MySQL backends and PowerAdmin interfaces.  These are running on VMware 5.1.  I have them in a DMZ with a 172.20.1.X subnet and NAT'd to the world (internally and externally are seen as the outside address).  My problem is getting the slaves to update off of the master.  I have added the master to the slaves as the supermaster, but I get nothing.  No transfers at all.

If I manually add the zone, it populates once from the master, but then no other updates/transfers take place.  I have the correct IPs set up for notifies and transfers on the master to the slaves.  But changing a zone on the master does nothing.  Should I add the 172.20.1 zone to the servers?  I did have each set up in the hosts file with the DMZ addresses.  I currently use a BIND server inside to populate the servers, but I really don't want to go with that model.  I would prefer to use PDNS for everything.  Any help would be appreciated.

-- Roxer
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