[Pdns-users] Automatically delete zones that are deleted on Supermaster

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Tue Oct 30 18:22:40 UTC 2012

> This version assumes DNSSEC is used with PowerDNS (at least the tables
> If they don't exist this script will still work.  At the top you can enter
> configuration options. By default it only checks domains where the
> number is at least 1 day old and after 7 failed checks it removes a domain
> from the database. At line 61 you can change the email account and after
> you can uncomment it to get a daily email with failed domains so you check
> before it is removed. I strongly suggest running this script (or something
> similar) once a day so you clean up old domains and with the warning you
> check it before domains are removed (and with a week you have some time
> to notify customers if needed).
> There is a short copyright notice at the top, the short version: don't
claim you
> created it and feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Sebastian Posner reported 2 things to me, 1 that there was something wrong
in the documentation in the script (in the attached version that is fixed by
adding a new configuration option). The other thing reported was that an
extra column in the domains table is required and I did forget to mention it
(in the email and in the documentation in the script), that is also fixed in
this version.

Attached is the version with the bugs fixed.

Please let me know if there are other problems. 

Kind regards,

Mark Scholten
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