[Pdns-users] Supermaster / slaves

Ton van Rosmalen ton at netbase.nl
Mon Nov 26 16:50:24 UTC 2012

Hi Ed,

Op 26-11-12 17:08, Ed schreef:
> Hi,
> I've looked through the documentation and searched the archives and 
> haven't found a concrete answer to this issue:
> We have a hidden master that updates slaves that are the internet 
> facing DNS resolvers, they are not recursive.
> We want to use automatic zone provisioning via the supermaster to the 
> slaves.
> However the docs state that :
> ** The set of NS records for the domain, as retrieved by the slave 
> from the supermaster, must include the name that goes with the IP 
> address in the supermaster table
> Our supermaster would not be listed in the NS records because it is 
> hidden.  Is there a way to accomplish this ?
In the supermasters table you should set-up a record for the primary 
nameserver as you would set-up on second-level domains.
If you have a primary named ns1.yourdomain.com you should create an 
entry like the following example in the supermasters table:
ip                                    nameserver account
<ip of hidden master>    ns1.yourdomain.com    internal or whatever you 
use in your tables

This set-up should create a new domain when the hidden master sends a 
notify to its slaves.

Good luck.


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