[Pdns-users] [ANN] Announcing public alpha version of django-powerdns-manager

George Notaras gnot at g-loaded.eu
Sat Nov 3 12:58:51 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Lately, I've been working on a small project that uses the 'admin' app
of the Django framework in order to provide a web interface for the
management of the database, which is used by PowerDNS.

The project is called: django-powerdns-manager


An example Django project is included for quick experimentation. A quick
start guide is also available and can help you get started with the
example project:


Bugs should be expected. If interested to report bugs or send patches,
please do so at the issue tracker at bitbucket:


Or at the main development web site:


Please note that this project is being developed in my free time and is
not sponsored by any commercial organization. Please expect slow
response times.

I'd like to publicly thank the fantastic people at #powerdns for their
help. Although they do not endorse this project in any way, they have
been extremely helpful.

Comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Have a nice day,
George Notaras

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