[Pdns-users] DNS amplification attack advice

Peter Gervai grinapo+pdnsdevel at gmail.com
Wed May 30 11:59:53 UTC 2012

On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 11:12 AM, kalpesh thaker
<kalpesh at webdevworld.com> wrote:
> according to tcpdump -vn, the connections were mostly TCP.. however there
> were alot of repetitive incoming UDP packets coming in during the early
> stages, for authoritative domains on our NS querying TXT RR's. This is why i
> suspected amplification as being possible in this DOS attack. Immediately

Sorry for stating the obvious but often what looks like a DoS attack
is just business as usual: if your subnet have a few trojanised
spambots and you host your own revdns then mailservers may request
revdns entries in cohorts, for example. Resolving TXT entries may be a
collateral to look up abuse contacts en masse for example. Maybe not,
but I've seen many DNS "DoS" which was a result of a couple of
virus-ridden windoze systems on local subnets.

As a sidenote I wondered what amount of traffic it was since pdns
supposed to be able to handle quite an amount of requests per second
and shouldn't choke easily.


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