[Pdns-users] Not working forward-zones=abc.com=

abang abang at t-ipnet.net
Mon May 21 07:58:50 UTC 2012


> would you please explain RR a bit. i am new to Advance DNS controlling

Sorry for the abbreviation. RR = DNS Resource Record

A DNS resource record is a data record in a DNS zone. You need to store 
DNS RRs in your windows DNS servers database. I have no experience with 
windows DNS server, so I can not help you in this case and this PowerDNS 
mailing list is possibly not the right place to discuss this topic.

To resolve ykhan.abc.com into an IP address you have to store this 
DNS-RR in your DNS servers zone database (maybe a simple text file):

ykhan.abc.com	3600	IN	A

(name)		(ttl)	(class)	(type)	(data e.g. IP address)

If you realy want to know how DNS works I reccomend to read some basics. 
I personally have started with the book "DNS and BIND"

Good luck!

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