[Pdns-users] pdns slave

Emiel van Berlo evberlo at gmail.com
Tue May 22 05:58:21 UTC 2012


We have setup a PowerDNS 3.1 server and have added a slave zone.
The master is on a windows 2008 dns.

There is some confusion with the SOA.

In PowerDNS the SOA from the slave zone has this value :

ns2.danego.net. noc.danego.net. 2010110341 28800 1800 86400 86400

We read this warning from the manual about the record types:

"...Hostnames are NEVER terminated with a dot..."

The slaved MX / CNAME records don't have this terminated dot in the database.

And when we setup a Master or Native domain we create a SOA like this
ns2.danego.net noc at danego.net 2010110341 28800 1800 86400 86400

Is it safe to use PowerDNS as a slave when the SOA isn't correctly formatted?
Is the manual outdated and are these trailing dots no longer an issue?



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