[Pdns-users] Running pdns alongside pdns-recursor on the same host

kalpesh thaker kalpesh at webdevworld.com
Thu Jun 7 09:22:32 UTC 2012

Jan-Piet Mens wrote:
>> 1. I don't see how to run both concurrently on the same host as they always
>> conflict on the IP. The host has a singe address -
> You cannot run two services of any kind on a single IP address, so
> running two DNS servers on one address won't work. See if you can put
> one of the servers on a loopback address, and the other on your public
> IP.

in any case, its not really a good idea to have your recursor and 
authoritative DNS servers on the same host... however, to add onto 
Jan-Piet Mens comment, a cheap and dirty way to accomplish this would be 
to assign a virtual interface to your primary NIC with another IP, then 
assign the authorative server to use it, with the recursor setup on the 
'real' interface open to the world...... then use the 
"forward-zones-recurse=" function on the recursor to foward queries to 
the 'virtual IP addressed' authoritative server. obviously there will be 
cons to using this setup, and isnt advisable to use this in a live 
environment (best to have two physical NIC's with seperate public IP's 
that listen and respond to request individually for each server).

all the best


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