[Pdns-users] [HELP] Convert Database from PowerDNS to BindDNS

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 12:04:16 UTC 2012


> Now, i wanna build another DNS server using Bind as an fail-over.

If you intend to use BIND (or NSD) as a backup because of its static
nature, then that is a certainly a good idea.

If you want a backup as in "replication", you have two possibilities
with PowerDNS:

a. Use native database replication (i.e. MySQL <-> MySQL)
b. Use master -> slave replication via zone transfers (AXFR)

> I have 2 solution to do that:
> 1. Convert record from mysql database to bind record, and import to BindDNS
> server

Possible, but you'd have to do a bit of scripting for that. It isn't
difficult, but probably not really worth your while.

> 2. The other solution is that PowerDNS is Master DNS and BindDNS is
> secondary DNS, BindDNS replicate from PowerDNS

(It's then not called "secondary" but a "slave")
Other than that, yes, that's the way I would do it:

1. Configure PowerDNS to provide MASTER functionality. Check the
   documentation to what you have to do. Basically: add a configuration
   switch and configure your zones (domains table) to enable master

2. Configure BIND with one or more slave zones. A configuration
   basically looks like this:

   zone "example.org" {
        type slave;
        file "......";
        masters { <ip-address-of-powerdns-server>; };

Make sure to carefully read the PowerDNS documentation and the BIND 9
ARM, both of which you'll find online (the ARM is also contained in the
source download of BIND.)

Good luck,


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