[Pdns-users] Authoritative vs Recursor

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Sat Jan 14 10:57:28 UTC 2012

I'm confused as to the proper pairing of the authoritative server vs the 
recursor.  I have a small LAN and provide authoritative DNS for a 
handful of sites.  In the past, using other DNS software (djbdns), my 
configuration was:

1.  An authoritative server for Internet domain names hosted by me.  
Reachable by internet clients.
2.  An authoritative server for internal domain names.  Only visible to 
the LAN recursor.
3.  A caching recursive server, accessible by the LAN clients, that had 
a list of local authoritative servers & domains as well as direct 
queries to the Internet.

So my authoritative Internet server was reachable via public IP, my 
internal authoritative listened on localhost, and my internal caching 
recursor was pushed via DHCP to my LAN clients.  I have setup a similar 
configuration using pdns - the authoritative is reachable via public IP, 
and the recursor has a forward-zone file and is pushed to the clients 
via DHCP.  So my LAN clients query the recursor - not the pdns 
authoritative server.

My question - this works, but is it "correct" usage with pdns?

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