[Pdns-users] Pdns answer for non-existing zones

Gaëtan Allart gaetan at nexylan.com
Thu Feb 23 15:37:10 UTC 2012


We offer "secondary DNS" service for customers. Unfortunately, some of
them make them domain go to it without configuring it before.
That's the reason why powerdns gets queries for non-existing zones.

Does that make more sense?


Le 23/02/12 16:33, « Marc Haber » <mh+pdns-users at zugschlus.de> a écrit :

>On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 03:26:53PM +0000, Gaëtan Allart wrote:
>> Yes, it's a misconfiguration but in some cases, you can't do otherwise.
>I am always eager to learn, after running DNS servers for more than
>ten years and never having to use a setup like that.
>You don't have different data sets loaded on both servers on purpose,
>for example to implement DNS views, do you?
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