[Pdns-users] v3.0.1 + MySQL + OpenSuSE 12.1

Rick Hodger rick.hodger at atlas-comms.com
Wed Feb 1 14:30:11 UTC 2012

> On Jan 31, 2012, at 13:57 , Rick Hodger wrote:

> > I'm in the process of upgrading our servers and I've come across a curious problem. Our
> > old servers are openSuSE 11.x and running Power DNS v2.9 quite happily, but I'm
> > struggling to get 3.0.1 to work on OpenSuSe 12.1.
> >
> > The RPM version exits with a segmentation fault and nothing we do seems to be able
> > to get it work short of removing the MySQL config.

> Our static RPM does not work everywhere, especially not on very recent distributions. We're
> working on providing better packages by default.

I had expected as much so I wasn't terribly shocked. OpenSuSE 12.1 does have it's own RPM package,
but it's for an older 2.9.22.

> > Curiously though, if we start it in non-demon mode it actually manages to get going and
> > begins answering queries, but only after it logs about a gazillion "gmysql Connection
> > successful" lines. This is the tail end of the output after about 20-30 seconds of the
> > same line being logged over and over.

> I have no immediate explanation for the difference you are seeing in daemon vs. non-daemonmode.
> The sheer amount of gmysql connections can probably be explained from your config. Feel
> free to post your config if you would like additional explanation.

The configuration file we used was not dissimilar from the default distributed configuration file.
So, I reverted it back to the default and added only the MySQL configuration. This seems to work fine,
We get 10 or so 'gmysql Connection successful' messages (presumably one for each thread) and then it
starts running both in daemon and non-daemon mode.

If I add in the bind backend at the same time as the mysql backend (which we use to blacklisted
malware domains to a harmless IP address) that's When it starts generating the thousands of 'gmysql
Connection successful' messages. It looks like it might be doing this for each zone in the bind
config - 15,829 of them. Still starts up both in daemon and non-daemon mode though.

I've copied the rest of the settings over one by one and it actually all seems to be working okay now,
aside from the huge amount of mysql connection messages on startup, which seems to be a combination of
a large bind backend being configured at the same time as a mysql backend. Commenting out the
'bind-config' line solves this. I'm guessing the crash was being caused by some sort of strange
formatting error in the configuration file which was largely copy/pasted from our old installation.

The configuration that seems to cause the huge amount of messages:


And a sample of our 'malware.conf' file (auto-generated by a script with data from

    zone "arena-eg.com" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "fzdqjn.cn" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "newpartyworld.com" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "enlaceseducativos.com.ar" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "ixeajki.cn" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "nkphcoop.com" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "reflexoterapiemasaj-vacuum.ro" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "theonscreen.com" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "topbusinesscoaches.com" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };
    zone "vitrineoeste.com.br" in { type master; file "/etc/powerdns/malware.zone"; };

Best regards,

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