[Pdns-users] NOTIFYs from dual stacked hosts

Andy Smith andy at strugglers.net
Thu Feb 9 06:48:54 UTC 2012


I have a set of pdns auth servers (3.0.1-1 Debian package) running
on dual-stacked hosts.  Also there are some BIND 9 servers.

If I do an "rndc notify example.com" on one of the BIND hosts, and
example.com lists some NS records with host names that have both A
and AAAA records, BIND sends out a NOTIFY to both the IPv4 and IPv6
addresses of all servers. (verified with tcpdump)

On the pdns servers, the NOTIFY is received on both IPv4 and IPv6
addresses (verified with tcpdump), however in the logs all that is
seen is:

    pdns[13113]: Received NOTIFY for example.com from 2001:db8:1f1:f019::2 which is not a master

No mention of the NOTIFY from the IPv4 address.

If I delete the zone from pdns's database and do another notify,
pdns does complain about the IPv6 address not being a valid
supermaster, but then does accept the IPv4 address as one and
inserts the zone.

All I have found when searching for this sort of thing are comments
about setting /proc/sys/net/ipv6/bindv6only to 1. That makes no

In my pdns.conf I set both local-address and local-ipv6 to specific
addresses I want pdns to listen on.

Is this a bug in pdns?


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