[Pdns-users] recursor and HUP

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Wed Dec 26 04:38:04 UTC 2012


I'm not seeing anything in the documentation about what sending a HUP should do to the recursor, but here I'm seeing it kill the process.

It gets a bit stranger than that though…  We had a log rotation rule setup that was sending the recursor a HUP at midnight.  This was unneeded since syslog is how pdns logs, so I'm not sure why we even had that there.  That said, two identical boxes (same hardware, OS+version, same build of the same recursor pkg) were acting differently.  The one that died on a HUP was where I was originally fiddling with controlsocket owner/location/mode, the one that did not die on a HUP was untouched, just running with defaults.

Removing the socket after stopping the recursor and letting it set perms itself resulted in mode 700 and both now die on a HUP.  However trying 750 and 755 is not "fixing" it.  I'm suspicious of the socket owner/perms only because that's the only thing I know was originally different between the two boxes.  Setting "trace=on" in the config file gives me no further information.  In both cases the recursor just exits without logging anything.

OS is FreeBSD 8.3, recursor is 3.3.

What else can I look at to track this down?



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