[Pdns-users] Few query about PDNS

Manish Rane manishr78 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 19:34:17 UTC 2012

Hi Folks,

Wondering if PDNS can perform something like BIG-IP? I mean say I have zone
example.com and I have 2 A records from 2 different ISPs, can pdns monitor
the health of those two webservers and upon failure will it automatically
remove the entry from zone which will have low TTL something near about 90
which can help INTERNET users to route away from unavailable host.

Something like this

www.example.com  90     IN    A
                              90    IN    A

Now if any of the ISP gets down server wont be reached hence respective
entry will be removed and due to low TTL new entry will be propagated

Or is there any such script available since pdns uses backend some kindaa
php script can be written which can edit the mysql table?

Thanks and Regards,
Manish R
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