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Markus Mahlberg markus.mahlberg at web.de
Wed Apr 25 09:10:44 UTC 2012

Hi Parth,

having little information available, I can only guess. It seems to me that you have illegal A resource records, most likely due to malformed user input. Since your mail is a few hours old, I assume you did already check the A records? I would assume that there is a hostname in the content column, and the record type should be CNAME.

If you are using the standard MySQL tables you can check this by issuing

	SELECT id,name,type,content FROM records WHERE type='A' AND content REGEXP '^[A-Za-z\.]+$';

In case any resource record is shown on the execution of this statement, there has been malformed user input which needs further investigation (most likely the frontend you are using to provide the domain data needs more sanity checks on user input). If there are any resource records reported, you can fix the problem with the following steps:

Make a backup of the database now. Though I did a few quick tests, I did not have the time of thoroughly testing my solution since I do not have a real domain to play with).
Issue the following statement: UPDATE records SET type='CNAME' WHERE type='A' AND content REGEXP '^[A-Za-z\.]+$' ;
Make sure the zones are reloaded on the secondary NSs if applicable.

Kind regards,


Am 25.04.2012 um 08:37 schrieb PARTH MONGA:

> HI Peter and Fellow list members
> I am in a very critical situation i am moving my powerdns into production with a mysql backend and things were working smooth but after an hour i start getting these errors in the log files.
> Apr 25 11:47:14 pdns[8056]: Exception: Parsing record content: while parsing IP address, expected digits at position 0 in 'A'
> Apr 25 11:47:14 pdns[8056]: Exception building answer packet (Parsing record content: while parsing IP address, expected digits at position 0 in 'A') sending out servfail
> Used latest powerdns version all things are working fine and resolving but i am not getting why i am getting this error.
> Please help me i am in a fix.
> Its very urgent.
> Thanks & Regards
> Parth
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