[Pdns-users] ipv6 master/slave setup questions

Wouter Prins - BusinessConnect wouter at businessconnect.nl
Sun Apr 22 17:40:00 UTC 2012

Hi list,

I noticed the following in a master/slave setup with both the master and
slave running ipv6 and powerdns 3.0-1.1+b1.
The slave is receiving a notify over ipv6 from the master, the slave logs
this message:

Apr 22 19:00:09 ns1 pdns[1973]: Received NOTIFY for <domain> from
XXXX:YYYY::53 which is not a master

I added the ipv6 address into the super masters table, but it wouldn't work:

1.) the database scheme for mysql with the ip field is set for 25 chars?
2.) how to deal with 'zero filling' of an ipv6 address?

Is this supposed to work with ipv6 and would it be possible to force
notifies from the master over ipv4?

Wouter Prins
Network Engineer
BusinessConnect BV
wouter at businessconnect.nl
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