[Pdns-users] Huge PDNS+DNSSEC setup-Need help

PARTH MONGA kprprl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 01:44:50 UTC 2012

HI Friends

I am new to PowerDNS and DNSSEC and i am in the installation stage of it
for my organisation moving from BIND, planned to take over 5 lakh+ domains
on it with dnssec enabled
Details of the setup:
9 nodes mysql cluster Geographically distributed:will be using mysql as a
backend and replication will be taken care by mysql
Each PDNS running local copy of mysql
PowerDNS version 3.0.1
Poweradmin as gui interface

Have following queries:

1-Can i have secured(DNSSEC) and unsecured zones(NORMAL ZONES) both in one
PowerDNS Server having mysql as backend?

2-When it is advised to roll over the keys in DNSSEC secured zones.DO i
have to roll over the keys each time when i make changes to a secured zone
data(like changing A records or Mx Records) or it will be automatically
taken care by PDNS.Please elaborate this key roll over mechanism,a lot of
confusion is there..

3-What decides when to go for NSEC or NSEC3.Please elaborate will be a
great tip for all the list users.

4-What is the NATIVE word in zone type.I understand master and slave,What
NATIVE refers to.

Will be posting a complete setup document once my PowerDns Cluster is up
and running so all other list members as well as community can refer to
it,Provided i get successful
Wishful thinking :)

Thanks & Regards
Best Wishes
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