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Timo Witte timo.witte at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 30 13:03:46 UTC 2011


actually i took a step in that direction and coded the requested
feature. It is already in the git repository:

I want to push this project to a full-blown DNS Webplatfom, but i think
it´s one step at a time.. The next step would be, to introduce a finer
grained permission system in the backend, to allow "reseller" users and
so on.

Am 30.09.2011 13:25, schrieb Posner, Sebastian:
> Maysara A. Abdulhaq wrote:
> [http://code.google.com/p/powerdns-webinterface/]
>> It looks nice, but i noticed that the created users can freely 
>> create domains, it would be nice if users can be assigned domains 
>> they can modify , but not necessarily create new ones.
> Yes, that would be nice.
> But that's a whole new story - powerdns is only delivering the 
> DNS-content from the backend, SQL-backend is merely a way to 
> store the records, and the webfrontend is merely a webfrontend
> so a user doesn't need to manually enter SQL syntax. And the 
> user administration is a mere way to ensure that not just anybody
> can change data, and that no password needs to be shared between
> administrators and urgently changed when an administrator leaves.
> What you are asking for is a full-blown DNS provisioning platform
> with rights delegation and multi-client capabilities.
> Kind regards,
> Sebastian
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