[Pdns-users] Virtual hosts

BH lists at blackhat.bz
Fri Sep 16 17:23:11 UTC 2011


> Doesn't this create a port conflict because two daemons are trying to bind to the same port? Or is it the same daemon that is controlled by two separate scripts?

It spawns a second daemon which must be listening on a differnt IP or 
port to the other instance. I don't think "Virtual Hosting" in the web 
server sort of sense applies to DNS really, I think the title should be 
perhaps changed to be a bit more clear in the docs? You can host more 
than one domain on each instance of PowerDNS, if you are using the mySQL 
backend you just insert more rows using the same structure as the first one.

> Can I specify different MySQL databases with different credentials in these files?

Yes, it runs as a completely separate instance so you can specify any 
configuration options you want.

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