[Pdns-users] SLAVE refresh performance

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Sep 14 09:41:32 UTC 2011

Hi Peter!

I patched PowerDNS to add a "next_check" timestamp to domains tables. I
extended the DomainInfo class with "refresh" attribute, which will be
set by the backend when querying the SOA.

It works fine, except on successful transfers with changes of the
refresh value (as I use the old refresh value, not the new one which was
received during the zone transfer).

I think it would be most efficient if I parse the incoming SOA to get
the new "refresh" value. E.g. like:

  if(i->qtype.getCode() == QType::NS && !pdns_iequals(i->qname, domain))
  if(i->qtype.getCode() != QType::RRSIG)
+ if(i->qtype.getCode() != QType::SOA)
+         di.refresh = GETREFRESHFROMSOA(i->content);

Is there somewhere a function to parse the refresh value from the
received SOA?

Further, is there an objection against proper "retry" handling (this
could be added now by adjusting the next_check value accordingly).


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