[Pdns-users] Error with pdns v3.0 RC3 with LDAP backend - queries return wrong results after backend connection is lost and re-established

Nick Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Wed Sep 21 09:44:22 UTC 2011

On 24/8/2011 5:56 μμ, Nick Milas wrote:

> May I ask if there are any developments on this issue? (Malfunction of 
> fix for Ticket #260 ?)

I was hoping that Bert would provide a final fix for this issue, since 
he offered to fix it in the first place (after my nagging ), and I trust 
his expertise, but after two months I have seen no activity whatsoever - 
and no replies to my occasional requests for an update either...

If no progress seems to be under way in correcting the operation of 
current authoritative version 3.0 to work properly with ldap backend 
with the fix of Ticket #260, I would like to request to either:

A/ revert to ldap backend code as it was without the fix of Ticket #260 
in new releases (this approach will cause a pdns hung when the ldap 
server is temporarily unavailable)
B/ leave as is but warn users that current v3.0 with ldap backend should 
not be setup together with recursive server on the same box (this 
approach will prevent current users with that setup to upgrade to v3.0)

By the way, no more LDAP backend users (or would-be users) around in 
this list any more?


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