[Pdns-users] Basic Recursor Setup

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Thu Sep 8 21:44:26 UTC 2011

I'm just getting started in the pdns world.  Thought I'd try converting 
our existing djbdns installation over one piece at a time - starting 
with the recursor.

Installing on Ubuntu is simple enough - what I was lacking was the 
EXPLICIT directions necessary to configure my internal recursor.  The 
key item I found from the docs, google, and informed guesswork is:

forward-zones and/or forward-zones-file

I used the forward-zones file.  In particular, I needed to not only list 
my authoritative server address for each zone - I also needed to add the 
.in-addr.arpa zones.  This may SEEM perfectly logical & intuitive to an 
experienced DNS admin - especially one who just uses pdns, but I WASN'T 
certain.  I'm still not certain if I should also be using the auth-zones 
parameter for some of these.  But everything SEEMS to be working...so far...

I don't know to who I should address this, but I think it would be 
extraordinarily helpful to have a simple example in the documentation 
for configuring just this:  a recursive server which provides both 
internal addresses and internet resolution.

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