[Pdns-users] Issue with recursive lookups in pdns 3

Christian Affolter c.affolter at stepping-stone.ch
Sun Oct 9 16:25:21 UTC 2011


> The problem, and I realise that I did not mention this before, is that
> these servers are mixed auth and recursive. What I am seeing with these
> queries is that pdns 3.0 is only returning the authoritative answer,
> while pdns 2.9 returns the recursive information.

I've encountered the same behavioural change while updating form 2.9.22
to 3.0 with enabled recursion support.

For testing purpose I've added the test.com records as described in [1],
without the www.test.com record:

SELECT name,type,content FROM records;
| name               | type | content                 |
| test.com           | NS   | dns-us1.powerdns.net    |
| test.com           | NS   | dns-eu1.powerdns.net    |
| mail.test.com      | A    |         |
| localhost.test.com | A    |               |
| test.com           | MX   | mail.test.com           |
| test.com           | SOA  | localhost ahu at ds9a.nl 1 |

Querying a 2.9.22 authoritative server with enabled recursion support
for www.test.com, returns the 'official' content ( via

On the other hand a 3.0 auth server with the same configuration and
data, returns NXDOMAIN.

According to the documentation [2], local overriding should be supported:
[...] To make sure that the local authoritative database overrides
recursive information, PowerDNS first tries to answer a question from
its own database. If that succeeds, the answer packet is sent back
immediately without involving the recursor in any way. This means that
for questions for which there is no answer, PowerDNS will consult the
recursor for an recursive query, even if PowerDNS is authoritative for a
domain [...]

Relevant configuration options:

Did I miss some new configuration options which should be enabled to get
the old behaviour back?

Thanks and regards

[1] http://doc.powerdns.com/configuring-db-connection.html#configuring-mysql
[2] http://doc.powerdns.com/recursion.html#recursion-details

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