[Pdns-users] new pdns mysql web interface

Posner, Sebastian s.posner at telekom.de
Wed Oct 5 09:20:06 UTC 2011

Timo Witte wrote:

[http://code.google.com/p/powerdns-webinterface/ vs. multi-tenancy]

> But, if both resellers use the same DNS Server, it would get a little
> complicated, because you can´t tell when the domain should be moved. I
> solution for this would be a "active" flag for the domain. So only 1
> user can have there domian configuration "active" at a time. If the
> second user tries to "activate" the domain he has to ask the old owner
> to deactivate it first.
> The changes for this solution are minimal, because it´s just 1 flag and
> a little code + allow the second user to create the same domain in
> their
> interface in a deactivated state. (Domain are unique for a User not
> System unique, but only one user can have the "activated" flag)

Don't expect people to always willingly let a domain go.
Don't expect people to always be present or able to act on time.

For *professional* use, you just can't integrate two partys on 
the same nameservers/IPs. For some pals sharing a server, this
could be done on a "good enough"-base. Personally, I wouldn't 
waste too much time on this.

And even when using multiple nameservers - KISS and just give 
every nameserver it's own DB and it's own webfrontend, user base,
set of permissions and alike? 

Everything else I think yould be quite difficult...
- sharing one Database in the nameserver-backend would mean
  you have to change both the backend AND powerdns to add 
  tenancy support
- keeping each tenant on an on database wuold mean you need
  to use a completely separate database for your frontends'
  data like users, permissions, tenants and tenants' databases
  because otherwise the tenants wouldn't be equal any more
  and losing the wrong one of them would mean major 
  rearragnements to be made on your side.

Kind regards,

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