[Pdns-users] [Patch] SLAVE refresh performance

Peter van Dijk peter.van.dijk at netherlabs.nl
Mon Nov 14 11:57:30 UTC 2011


Another customer is using http://doc.powerdns.com/slave.html#id445275 to make this happen. Would that be acceptable for you? I can request the script or write a new one for you, if you like. Please let me know.

We have not set a date for PowerDNS 3.1 yet. Are there specific 3.1 features you are looking forward to?

Kind regards,
Peter van Dijk

On Nov 14, 2011, at 12:17 , Klaus Darilion wrote:

> Hi Peter!
> Great news.
> There is one more related secondary-feature I planned to add: min-refresh
> The idea is to ignore the SOA's refresh value if it is too small (e.g. small refresh values can add lots of SOA query traffic if pdns serves lots of domains).
> Do you have a time line for 3.1 release?
> regards
> Klaus
> On 04.11.2011 10:52, Peter van Dijk wrote:
>> Hello Klaus,
>> On Sep 14, 2011, at 15:02 , Klaus Darilion wrote:
>>> Maybe someone wants to review the patch and give some comments.
>> I have reviewed your patch; it looks good, and updating gmysql and gsqlite3 to be compatible is not a problem.
>> However, it introduces a schema change, and we try to be careful with those. We will work on a way to make database API changes cleaner in the future, and this patch will be the first to benefit.
>> Your patch will be merged before the release of PowerDNS-auth 3.1. Thank you for your work so far :)
>> Kind regards,
>> Peter van Dijk
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