[Pdns-users] 3.0-RC2 crash on sending notify

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Sun May 29 05:43:50 UTC 2011

On Fri, 27 May 2011, bert hubert wrote:

> On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 11:06:16PM -0400, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>> various values for loglevel from 5 all the way up to 999 and never saw
>> an increase in verbosity), so I tried launching powerdns from gdb, just
>> to see if I could get more of a hint about what was happening.  This is
>> what I see when running "pdns_control notify pdnsexample.com":
> I tried to reproduce here, and I don't see it. However, your error reporting
> is very convincing, so the problem is probably real.
> Can you send me your pdns-test.db? That would make life a lot easier.
> Also, can you tell me which version of sqlite you compile against?
>> The one thing I see here that I didn't see in the log was the "Unable to
>> close down sqlite connection: 5" message.
> This is an error we used to let pass by w/o shutting down. It turns out that
> it causes subsequent unrelated problems if you do that, which is why we
> terminate immediately when we see this, so we get helpful email messages
> like this ;-)
>> Any ideas?  I understand 3.0 is not production yet, so I'm not sure how
>> much confidence to place in it - in other words, is this me or is this PDNS?
> It is powerdns in all likelihood. Please send a sqlite3 database that
> exhibits the problem.

Just checking in - I went ahead and set my master up to use pgsql for the 
backend and notifies and transfers are working fine.  The slave is running 
sqlite and it's able to handle the incoming transfer without issue.  Not 
sure if that helps or not, but I can tell you both servers are running the 
same build of PowerDNS and SQLite.

Logs of the successful notify and axfr on the sqlite slave:

May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 pdns[90220]: Received NOTIFY for pdnsexample.com 
from x.x.x.38 for which we are not authoritative
May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 pdns[90220]: Created new slave zone 
'pdnsexample.com' from supermaster x.x.x.38, queued axfr
May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 pdns[90220]: Initiating transfer of 
'pdnsexample.com' from remote 'x.x.x.38'
May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 pdns[90220]: gsqlite3: connection to 
'/usr/local/etc/pdns/sqlite/pdns-test.db' successful
May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 last message repeated 2 times
May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 pdns[90220]: No serial for 'pdnsexample.com' found - 
zone is missing?
May 29 05:38:09 pdns2 pdns[90220]: AXFR started for 'pdnsexample.com', 
transaction started
May 29 05:38:10 pdns2 pdns[90220]: AXFR done for 'pdnsexample.com', zone 



> 	Bert

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