[Pdns-users] startup fails when "master=yes"

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Wed May 25 06:28:25 UTC 2011

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 01:48:47AM -0400, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently started doing some basic testing of pdns and it's been
> going well.  I decided to test the master/slave setup, so I set
> "master=yes" on one of my test servers.  The server fails to start
> when this is enabled, logging the following:
> May 25 01:40:24 archive-bak pdns[37672]: PowerDNS
> 3.0-rc2.20110509.2191 (C) 2001-2011 PowerDNS.COM BV (May 12 2011,
> 04:31:25, gcc 4.2.1 20070719 [FreeBSD]) starting up

PowerDNS really wants IPv6 enabled.

> May 25 01:40:24 archive-bak pdns[37672]: Communicator thread died
> because of STL error: Creating local resolver socket for :::
> Protocol not supported

We could probably remove the ipv6 dependency here, but all in all, systems
w/o IPv6 support are getting to be rare.

> I have not enabled the "hand unknown queries off to a recursor"
> option that I know of...

This is the notification socket.

> I'm going to try disabling IPv6 and recompiling (this test jail does
> not run IPv6) and see if that makes a difference.

It might.


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