[Pdns-users] Performance of LUABackend

fredrik danerklint fredan-pdns at fredan.org
Thu May 12 15:30:36 UTC 2011

> > This is just a test to see how fast it can be with only two records in 
> So you have a Lua backend? ;-) Can you share?

Not yet since it only can handle the "minimal" (ie: no slave, master or 
dnssec) or would you like to have this at this stage with just the bare 
"minimal" ? If so, no problem. I do need some help to be able to understand 
what cause it to crash if there is more than one thread in PowerDNS. When I 
tried with luajit for one thread it sad something like stackoverflow... So I 
have done something that I don't quiet understand at this moment.
> >   Queries per second:   23304.748835 qps
> To validate & understand such numbers it is good to do a cached run too,
> since that provides a baseline how fast the 'bare' PowerDNS is.

This is with only one thread and default cache-values:

Queries per second:   43843.606436 qps
Latency: Min: 0.000000 s; Max: 0.009435 s; Avg: 0.000023 s; StdDev: 0.000027


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