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Chris Russell Chris.Russell at knowledgeit.co.uk
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Hi Charles,

 We're in a similar position right now (a current scripted solution, active development in other servers, etc) and I've came up against some of the same issues. Decided against the Bind DLZ system, despite meeting some of the ISC staffers and am sticking with PowerDNS.

 I can't comment on the backend options but a hidden master is preferable to hide some of the keyring information on DNS-SEC. That said, right now I`m torn between using a similar solution to yourself in a database driven hidden master and DNS slave backends, or using MySQL replication to do a similar role.

 One thing I did find, not sure if it's still current is this - http://community.plus.net/blog/2008/03/13/about-the-plusnet-authoritative-dns-system/

 There seems to be loads of information of creating a very basic setup, but little in terms of who's really using PowerDNS and how. That said though, the list is very helpful :)



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We've been using the PDNS recursor for some time now and have been quite
happy with it.  It replaced dnscache and has proven to perform much better.

We're now looking at moving away from tinydns, mainly to get IPv6
support without patching and to get started with DNSSEC.  I don't see us
with more than a few thousand zones anytime soon, and we aren't looking
at anything above 1000 qps (across three servers) anytime soon.

I'm not sure I completely understand the PowerDNS philosophy quite yet,
but it looks like BCP is to run a db server on each name server
(postgres or mysql).  This feels a little too heavyweight for us.  What
might be some interesting options?  Would something like one master with
a "real" db backend (in our case PostgreSQL) and then two slaves running
SQLite work well?  Is there anything "lighter" than SQLite that we could
stick on the slaves?  Is the SQLite backend well-supported?

Any pointers greatly appreciated.  We are committed to a database-backed
DNS server (we currently have a script that dumps db data to a tinydns
data file), and there do not seem to be that many actively-developed
options out there...


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