[Pdns-users] 3.0-RC2 state of auto serial?

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Mon May 30 03:23:11 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I am just becoming a daily poster here, aren't I?

I'm having some issues with the auto serial generation.  The docs say that 
if I have a serial of "0" specified in the SOA record, PDNS will look at 
the most recent "change_date" entry in the records table and auto-generate 
a serial for the zone based on that.

I'm currently not seeing that happen.  Here's my pgsql records structure 
and an example SOA record:

  id | domain_id |      name       | type | 
content                             | ttl  | prio | change_date | 
ordername | auth
   1 |         1 | pdnsexample.com | SOA  | pdns1.pdnsexample.com 
hostmaster.foo.com 0 3600 3600 10800 3600 | 3600 |    0 |  1306724744 
|           |
(1 row)

"change_date" is an integer with a default of "EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM 
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP);" and it's currently populated with unix timestamp 
values as shown above.

Even after purging the cache, I still get this:

[root at pdns1 /home/spork]# dig @x.x.x.38 -t soa pdnsexample.com

;pdnsexample.com.		IN	SOA

pdnsexample.com.	3600	IN	SOA	pdns1.pdnsexample.com. 
hostmaster.pdnsexample.com. 0 3600 3600 10800 3600

Note the "zero" for the serial line.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is "change_date" supposed to be a different 



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