[Pdns-users] Potentially Silly Question! - auth server, dns-(non) sec + sec.

Chris Russell Chris.Russell at knowledgeit.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 18:57:39 UTC 2011

> Running `pdnssec rectify-zone wibble.com` will just add the 'mail' to the ordername column of your records table btw. With DNSSEC in

 HI Stefan,

  I think I've confused the issue with the two backends, I actually set this up as a test as running with one wasn't working.

  To back to the original issue,  I have PDNSsec + DNS-SEC + ipv6 working flawlessly, without issues.  However, for other reasons I need to serve zones where I don't wish to have any signing information in the database for this zone. This means I don't want to run secure-zone or rectify-zone instead keep that zone DNS-SEC free.

  Essentially configuring DNS-SEC on a zone by zone basis.

  The problem is,  I can push records into the DB as per a standard unsigned zone, but pdnssec will not serve these records only the SOA.  So can pdnssec serve unsigned zones where no DNS-SEC related records exist when the g-mysql backend is set to gmysql-dnssec ?

  Or am I   stuck with PDNS serving DNS-SEC enabled zones, OR non DNS-SEC enabled zones but not both :-/



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