[Pdns-users] Manually Changing SOA Serial Number

Elfyn McBratney elfyn at nyfle.co.uk
Fri Feb 25 06:35:52 UTC 2011

Hi there,

On 24 February 2011 21:29, Linda Pagillo <linda at lpdynamix.com> wrote:
> Actually, I need to know where to go to change the following…
> 1.)    SOA Serial number.
> 2.)    SOA Refresh value
> 3.)    SOA Expire value
> 4.)    SOA MNAME Value
> 5.)    SOA Retry Value
> 6.)    SOA TTL Value

All but 4) are dependent on which backend module you're using,
so without knowing whether your pdns instance(s) are backed by
a MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle database, or even something more
"exotic" like LDAP, it's hard to say.

Assuming that you went with the more common choice of MySQL,
adjusting the SOA for a domain is as simple as connecting to
whichever host mysqld is running on and issuing an UPDATE
command.  To illustrate, below is the SOA record for one of my

(admin at db-master-int:5432) [pdns] > select name,content
                                  > from records
                                  > where type='SOA'
                                  > and name='nyfle.co.uk';
    name     |                             content
 nyfle.co.uk | ns1.nyfle.co.uk admin.nyfle.co.uk 1298613484 3600 1800 86400 300

Here we have a serial of 1298613484, a slave refresh time of 3600s
(1 hour), a slave retry of 1800s, a slave expiry of 86400s (1 day)
and a minimum TTL of 300s. If I'm right and you're using MySQL, the
following should work assuming you have domain foo.bar:

  UPDATE records SET content='<your SOA record content>' WHERE
type='SOA' AND name='foo.bar'

Mind, I don't use MySQL. And you might not either... so I heavily
recommend reading through <http://doc.powerdns.com/>.

WRT MNAME (aka $ORIGIN), that's not supported in PowerDNS as it is in
BIND (at least as far as I know -- I could be wrong!). If you're
migrating existing BIND zones, zone2sql can handle that automatically
with its "--zone" option. Again, I'd recommend reading the manual at
the aforementioned URL as this is all explained there in a much more
coherent fashion. ;)


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