[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Tickets are being processed, please check the status of yours

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Mon Feb 14 16:34:03 UTC 2011

Dear PowerDNS users,

As of yesterday, 103 tickets were open in the PowerDNS bugtracker, available
on http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/report/1

Today, 87 are left. 

As most tickets have been filed anonymously, if you ever created one, please
check our timeline on
to see what happened to yours.

In addition, if nothing happened to your ticket, feel free to check if your
problem has been resolved in the latest 3.0 prereleases, available on
http://powerdnssec.org/downloads . Please update the status of your ticket
if this is the case!

Finally, we also welcome reports of 'fixed' issued that turn out not to have
fixed your problem.

For your convenience, here is a list from the 'trac' URL above with
everything that got modified today.


17:22 Ticket #300 (packetcache does not decrease TTLs) closed by ahu
fixed: It does!

17:20 Ticket #277 (packetcache-ttl default values) closed by ahu
invalid: The packetcache is TTL aware, so it will not cache shorter TTLd answers 

16:34 Ticket #327 (signed/unsigned bug in StatBag leads to wrap-around issues with counters) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed slightly differently in commit 2019, thanks!

16:21 Ticket #257 (pdns-static deb + gmysql = fail?) closed by ahu
fixed: This indeed happens on some architectures, the static deb is rather old. 

16:19 Ticket #314 (Pipe backend doesn't allow a priority specification for SRV records) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed, thanks.

16:18 Ticket #208 (Patch to add new configure functionality) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed differently.

16:17 Ticket #230 (bind backend axfr possible scope race condition for MX) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed - this was a zoneparser bug.

16:16 Ticket #266 (dnsscope compilation problem) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed in svn.

16:15 Ticket #166 (BIND backend support for 'allow-query' ACL to restrict zone lookups by ...) closed by ahu
wontfix: While I'm grateful for the effort, this would mess up our code too badly 

16:09 Ticket #216 (Proposed also-notify support) closed by ahu
fixed: This has been fixed differently in 3.0 via the domainmetadata table, which 

16:08 Ticket #177 (Auth. server has poor TCP performance.) closed by ahu
fixed: Something similar has been merged, thanks!

16:07 Ticket #202 (pdns compile failure on HP-UX 11.11) closed by ahu
wontfix: See 201.

16:07 Ticket #201 (several compilation errors on HP-UX) closed by ahu
wontfix: Thanks - I'm afraid these patches no longer apply to 2.9.22+ and we have 

16:06 Ticket #334 (Auto-splitting long TXT records doesn't work) closed by ahu
fixed: Has been fixed in 3.0 because of the 'jp_mens zone from hell'.

16:03 Ticket #280 (Typo in anti-spam anon credentials) closed by ahu
invalid: The wording is rather precise, I have to admit, but it is correct on the 

16:01 Ticket #144 (Feature-Request "also-notify") closed by ahu
fixed: Done in 3.0.

15:59 Ticket #284 (PowerDNS compilation errors on gcc 4.4) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed in 3.0, thanks.

15:57 Ticket #329 (pdns_server can not bind to IPv6 link-local addresses) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed in 3.0!

15:34 Ticket #56 (Better IPv6 support) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed differently in 3.0, thanks!

15:33 Ticket #98 (Patch for slaving over IPv6) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed differently in 3.0, thanks.

15:32 Ticket #211 (Support for masters on non-standard ports) closed by ahu
fixed: Fixed differently in 3.0

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