[Pdns-users] Bad cache TTL with pdns-resursor

GAVARRET, David david.gavarret at sfr.com
Thu Dec 29 16:08:06 UTC 2011

On Thu, Dec 29, 2011, Michael FROMENT wrote: 
> Hi bert,
> Thanks for the answer I've uderstand the strange ttl response when the
> answer come from the paquet cache.
> Now here is a little more strange problem
> The zone noelshack.com. have moved since more than a week at
> ns-01.odysseeinteractive.com

Hello Michael,
(I was just reading the frnog related topic ;) )
this is a problem we already encounter here, due to a bug in version 3.2 of the recursor :

The cache still continues using old NS informations concerning the domain (as the old authoritative servers still answer for it), and so the migration of the domain to new authoritatives servers is not seen by PowerDNS Recursor.

You should consider upgrading your version of the recursor, and if so, going directly to version 3.4-pre, because we also encounter another irritative bug in version 3.3: when an authoritative server wrongly announces itself as authoritative for another domain :) (especially domains hosted on ns20.ovh.net, that answers itself as authoritative for google.com ;) ).

Kind regards,
David Gavarret

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